What the CARES Act Means for Small Businesses and Non-Profits


As a small business owner, non-profit corporation, or charitable organization, there’s a good chance you’ve felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses, for example, have had to temporarily (or permanently) close, limit their services, and struggle to reach customers, many of whom are sheltering in place. Congress has provided some much-needed relief in…

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Now What? A Look at Historical Bear Markets

bear market

In just the past four weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has had a significantly adverse impact on global economies and markets. From the market close on February 19 through the close on March 23, the S&P 500’s price fell -34% before rebounding somewhat to close down -20% for the first quarter. Efforts to contain the virus…

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Financial Tips for Down Markets: Invest Excess Cash

money down market

If you’re panicking in the current stock market turmoil and feeling the urge to sell, you’re not alone. But panic selling can hurt your long-term goals and leave you out of the game when the market recovers. Instead, in this time of declining markets, you actually might want to buy. Consider this famous Warren Buffett…

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Financial Tips for Down Markets: Harvest Tax Losses

Tax Form

While a stock market downturn like the one we are experiencing now can leave investors anxious, you can help make the most of this challenging situation through a variety of financial planning strategies, such as tax loss harvesting. By “harvesting” the tax losses within a taxable investment account like your brokerage account, you can increase…

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