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Harness the knowledge of the Clayton Wealth Partners team. Our investment team monitors your portfolio's performance and risk characteristics, and based upon market analysis and economic projections, makes discretionary adjustments when it is in the best interest of your portfolio. Benefits include quarterly comparative portfolio summaries, 24-hour online access and more.

Proper estate planning and trust management is a powerful tool to facilitate your care in the event that you become disabled, and it simplifies the process of wealth distribution to your heirs.

Did your accountant overlook a qualifiable tax deduction last year? By reviewing our clients' tax returns before they are filed, we have saved them thousands of dollars. Don't pay more than you are obligated to.

Outlining your future goals and dreams gives you a map to follow as you work your way toward retirement. Funding a tax-deferred retirement plan now not only can help to create a pool of wealth for your post-retirement life, but also can defer tax on eligible income earned now until you begin making withdrawals.


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Higher education is an expensive proposition.  We will work with you to explore savings vehicles and other strategies as you prepare for this expense.

Charitable giving can be a smart way to reduce capital gains, estate and income tax, while supporting a cause you care about. There are several ways this can be accomplished. We can advise you on the best method of giving for your particular charity and goals.


We review your current policies to see if they are up to date and in step with your financial goals.  As a fee-only advisory firm, we do not sell insurance products and will provide you with an unbiased independent review of your policies.

We have an in-depth knowledge of benefit packages for many major employers in this region. We can help to advise you on making elections for such items as employer-provided life insurance, your cafeteria plan, stock options and a variety of other benefit options.

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We offer a 30-minute introductory call to discuss your situation and share how we may be able to help.
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Our Fee Structure

As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm, we receive no commissions from any other company. Rather, our fees are based on a percentage of the assets we manage for you.