How to Find a Financial Advisor in Lawrence, KS

A financial advisor can be a valuable guide in helping you manage your finances and achieve your goals. From creating a budget and saving for retirement to investing and planning for taxes, an advisor can provide guidance and support in a wide range of financial areas. This article covers the potential benefits of partnering with an advisor and how to find a financial advisor in Lawrence, KS.

How a Financial Advisor Could Help You

One of the main benefits of working with a financial advisor is the personalized advice and support many advisors provide. An advisor can help create a customized financial plan that takes into account your objectives, values, and circumstances. With ongoing support, they can help you stay on track and adjust as needed to help you attain your goals.

Another benefit of working with a financial planner is the education and experience they can bring to the table. A good advisor will have a deep understanding of the financial markets, investment strategies, and tax laws, among other areas. This knowledge can help you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

When finding a financial advisor, you have a range of professionals to consider. To help ensure the advice you receive is objective, you might seek a fee-only financial advisor. A fee-only advisor is paid only by clients; the advisor does not receive commissions or other third-party compensation. This can be an attractive option if you want to minimize conflicts of interest and feel more confident that your advisor’s recommendations are in your best interest.

On a related note, you might consider a fiduciary advisor. A fiduciary advisor is legally bound to act in clients’ best interests. This means the advisor is obligated to provide advice focused on their clients’ needs, regardless of whether that advice is profitable to the advisor. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), our firm is legally obligated to provide fiduciary advice.

Finally, you might work with a financial advisor who has the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation. CFP® professionals are held to strict ethical standards, including a fiduciary obligation to clients, and have completed rigorous education and experience requirements. They are required to continue their education to maintain their certification. Our firm requires our Wealth Advisors to have the CFP® mark.

How to Find a Financial Advisor in Lawrence, Kansas

When looking for a financial advisor in Lawrence, you have several resources that can make your search easier.

One option is to search for an advisor on, a national directory of advisors who are fee-only, fiduciaries, and independent of any bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company.

Another option is to use PlannerSearch by the Financial Planning Association, a professional organization of CFP® professionals. You can refine your search results by specialty and compensation type.

Similarly, you can look for local members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors using the NAPFA Find an Advisor tool. NAPFA members must be client-centered, fee-only, and fiduciaries.

Finally, you can use the CFP Board’s Find a CFP Professional search to find CFP® professionals by location and services offered, among other filters.

Once you have a list of potential financial advisors, it is important to schedule a complimentary call with them to discuss your needs and learn more about how they can help. During this usually brief call, you can ask questions about their services, process, and experience to better understand how they work and whether they would be a good fit for you.

By having this initial call, you can get a sense of their communication style and whether their services align with your needs. It will also help you to decide whether to proceed with the next step, such as scheduling an in-person meeting.

Schedule a Call

A financial advisor can provide personalized advice to help you make informed decisions about your finances and achieve your financial goals. Finding the right financial advisor is a process, so take your time and be thorough in your research to ensure that you find an advisor that is the right fit for you and your financial goals.

Schedule a 30-minute call with a fee-only, fiduciary financial advisor in Lawrence, Kansas.

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