Clayton Wealth Partners Helps Teach Money E-cent-tials to Shawnee County Youth

Clint Patty

Come October 1, our managing partner, Clint Patty, J.D., will do his part to promote financial literacy to the youth of Shawnee County.

The program, called “Money Mountain: Reaching the Peak of your Financial Success,” is a daylong program to teach over 200 area high school students the dollars and cents of budgeting, paychecks, credit, and more. Financial professionals and educators will lead the workshops, which strive to give practical insights so students can make smart choices about their money.

Clint will lead hands-on workshops to help students understand the critical role that savings can play.

“My goal is to help them see, on a personal level, how a healthy savings plan can help them in all areas of their lives. It took me a long time to discover what I hope will be an absolute truism for all young people that it’s not what you make—it’s what you save—that counts.”

This educational forum is the second this year for the Clayton Wealth Partners team. In July, Barbara Duncan, Elizabeth Young, and Eric Purcell presented at a TopCity Interns program. The trio spoke on the six components that every financial plan should include.

Meanwhile, financial literacy isn’t a focus for many schools and colleges across the country. One 2018 survey found that just 29% of respondents had been offered financial education at a school, college, or workplace.

“Financial literacy for our youth is so important, and our company welcomes any chance we have to help young people develop good financial habits for life,” Clint said.

He added that programs like the TopCity Interns or Money Mountain presentations give the Clayton Wealth Partners team a platform to fill in the missing pieces of young adults’ financial educations.

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