Chief Investment Officer Discusses Investor Biases with Future Professionals

Jim Walden

When it comes to investing, people regularly fall prey to their own biases. As investment managers, it’s our job to help investors avoid these biases—a topic that our Chief Investment Officer, James Walden, CFA, recently shared with students at the University of Kansas School of Business.

James gave a presentation on “The Psychology of Investing: Common Investor Biases and How to Manage Them” to students in the Applied Portfolio Management class.

“The evidence is clear—we all have psychological biases, and they are often the root cause of poor investment decisions,” James said. “Being aware of these behavioral tendencies and having a plan to mitigate them can go a long way to help improve investment performance.”

“Applied Portfolio Management” is a fast-paced classed that explores the intricacies of stock markets around the world. It is intended to train students to be leaders in the investment profession and promotes a strong alumni network.

James indicated that having a firm understanding of the biases that may show up in clients can only help.

“Forewarned is forearmed,” he said. “With a grasp on common behavioral tendencies, these future investment and finance professionals can help themselves and their clients avoid hurting their investing goals.”

Professor Boone Bradley said he was happy to have James in class to discuss investing psychology.

“Understanding how investors react emotionally to events and, even more importantly, how we all have to overcome biases and innate tendencies in order to make sound decisions is a critical life skill,” he said. “Too often we can lose sight of these topics working through a textbook, so being able to give students exposure to Jim’s experience and knowledge was a great benefit.”

Jim joined our wealth management team in 2013 and became a partner in 2018. Among his responsibilities, he determines strategic and tactical asset allocations for our clients’ investment portfolios. He provides analysis of potential and current investments and provides prudent and ongoing risk management.

He holds an MBA from Cornell University, a B.S. from Indiana University and the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

You can reach out to him at