Navigating Medicare Options: Is Medicare Advantage a Good Fit for You?

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If you’re nearing age 65, the decision between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage may be weighing on your mind. Insurance companies are likely bombarding you with advertisements for Medicare Advantage plans; they’re not afraid to tap some of our favorite “seasoned” celebrities for these commercials, either! Medicare Advantage (MA) has been around for some time,…

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Episode 8: American Red Cross Jane Blocher

Podcast episode 8

By Clint Patty, J.D. Clint Patty: Well, hello there. Welcome to Investing in Good, a podcast that shines a spotlight on those making a profound impact within Northeast Kansas. This podcast is proudly presented by Clayton Wealth Partners, your partner in philanthropic financial planning for individual donors and investment management for endowments, foundations, and nonprofit…

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Monthly Market Perspective: May 2024

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What Are Initial Jobless Claims Telling Us? By James M. Walden, CFA Initial unemployment claims have historically been an effective leading indicator of broader economic trends. In fact, initial claims are one of the 10 components that make up the Conference Board’s widely followed Leading Economic Index. For most of the post-pandemic recovery, initial claims…

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Find Financial Peace of Mind: Choosing a Financial Advisor

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The Department of Labor finalized its new Retirement Security Rule this week, which has again thrust the definition and importance of the word “fiduciary” into the spotlight, with various financial industry organizations and associations either enthusiastically supportive or vehemently against the new rules. At its core, the rule’s goal is to protect retirement savers from…

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