Episode 7: Eric Maydew of Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters

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By Clint Patty, J.D. Clint Patty: Well, hello there. Welcome to Investing in Good, a podcast that shines a spotlight on those making a profound impact within Northeast Kansas. This podcast is proudly presented by Clayton Wealth Partners, your partner in philanthropic financial planning for individual donors and investment management for endowments, foundations, and nonprofit…

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Monthly Market Perspective: April 2024

Business And Finance Concept Of A Bull Market Trend

Still All About Inflation By James M. Walden, CFA Two years after the Federal Reserve’s first interest-rate hike of the cycle, it’s still all about inflation. Much progress has been made to bring inflation down to the Fed’s stated 2% goal. The year-over-year change in the consumer price index (CPI) in March was 3.5%, down…

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Considerations for Rental Property Ownership

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Investing in rental properties may be a thrilling endeavor that can provide a means of achieving financial security and building wealth. It is not without difficulties, though. There are many things rental property owners will want to take into account to make sure this project is successful, from tenant management to regulatory compliance. In this…

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